Why You Should Rent a Fully Furnished Apartment in Kenya

Renting an apartment in Kenya is a common thing among people especially those living in major towns. However, after settling for the decision to rent an apartment, most tenants are still torn between renting a fully furnished apartment or own that you will furnish on your own. If you are looking forward to having a comfortable and smooth move, then renting a fully furnished apartment is the first step. In this apartment, you will find rentals equipped with beds, kitchen appliances, bathroom necessities, living room furniture among others. Below are reasons to consider renting a fully furnished apartment in Kenya.

Save On Costs

When relocating to a new apartment, especially if you are moving in for the first time, there are several costs that you need to incur to help you live comfortably. For instance, you need to incur furniture costs such as tables, beds, and chairs among others. When moving into a fully furnished apartment, however, such costs fall off your table. You will also save costs on electronic items as you the house will be equipped with them.



Moving out of one apartment into another is always made a nightmare by the many boxes and other items that you have to transport. However, if the apartment that you are renting is fully furnished, you save yourself the trouble of having to transport the many items. All you will need to carry are small items such as clothes, utensils among others. Additionally, it will be easy for you in the same way when it is time to move out of the apartment.


More often than not, furnished apartment is opted for by people who are to live in them for a short time. For instance, they are ideal for use by students, people who have relocated for business purposes or someone not ready to commit to one place of long. For this reason, if you are looking forward to living at a place where you will be flexible to move from time to time, then a furnished apartment will be a good idea as you do not have big luggage to move around with.

Finding a rental apartment where you will start your new life in Kenya is easier said than done. However, by considering to rent a fully furnished apartment, you will significantly reduce the hustle that you need to incur. Use the information above to help you understand why renting a fully furnished apartment in Kenya is a good idea.

Why You Should Rent a Fully Furnished Apartment in Kenya

What Are Your Rights and Freedoms as A Tenant?

House or apartment hunting can be a daunting process. Additionally, even after locating the right house for you, you can have a hard time coping with the landlords. Luckily, there are rights and freedoms for you as the tenant to prevent you from being taken advantage of. Here are some of the rights that you get to enjoy as a tenant in any housing property.

When looking for a House

The moment you start looking for a house, you become a tenant, and this is where your rights begin. At this time, you have the right to choose a place to live without being discriminated against regarding tribe, race, gender, religion among other factors. However, during this process, the landlord has the right to deny you property in case they conduct a search and find negative information about you that justifies them to deny you an apartment.

What Are Your Rights and Freedoms as A Tenant?

When You Move In

Right to Privacy

According to the law, you have the right to privacy as a tenant. There should be nobody entering your house without your permission or a court order. The landlord, however, may have the right to enter your house only if they give notice for a reasonable time. Additionally, the landlord could come into your house when they need to make repairs in the unit or showing it to a potential tenant. Landlords may also come to your house without notice in case of an emergency.

Right to Live in a Habitable Unit

It is your right as the tenant to live in a place that is comfortable and livable. In case some areas need repair by the time you move in, let it be in agreement that the landlord will have them repaired soon or before you move in. In case the unit is in bad condition and the landlord continues ignoring it, you have the right to withhold rent after giving notice to the landlord.

Right to Safety

Your safety is paramount no matter where you live. For this reason, the landlord should avoid anything that compromises your safety as the tenant. For instance, the landlord should ensure that your doors, windows, and gates in good condition. As the tenant, you also have the right to add equipment that enhances your security in the occupied area.

When You Move Out

Get Your Deposit Back

When you moved in, you gave a deposit which was to be refunded as you move out. For this reason, when it is time for you to move, it is your right to get it back. The time is taken to return the deposit, however, will depend on what was in agreement. If not returned in full amount, you have the right to request a list to see how the deposit was spent.

Dealing with the landlord as a tenant is not always a walk in the park. However, the law has stated some rights to help you deal with the landlords that you have. Consider the tips above to know your rights as a tenant and get to enjoy them.


Factors to Consider When Finding a House to Rent in Nairobi

Factors to Consider When Finding a House to Rent in Nairobi

A new house, whether a rental house or one that you just bought defines a new phase in your life. For this reason, when searching for a rental house that you can reside in, you do not conclude on the first vacant house that meets your sight. Instead, it is paramount to have several factors into consideration for you to ensure that you invest in the right rental house that is most convenient for you. Below is more information to give you an insight into what you should look for during house hunting in Nairobi.

Personal Preferences

When living in a house that meets your preferences, it will not be a burden for you to pay its rent or enjoy living there. For this reason, before setting out for house hunting in Nairobi, have a list of what you prefer to have in an ideal rental house. In this case, you could include factors such as the size of the house, number of rooms, design of the house, among others. When you have your preferences clear, it will be easier for you to eliminate the houses that do not meet such preferences.


More often than not, rental houses in Nairobi require you to clear the rent once every month. For this reason, before moving into any house, ensure that its rent is within your budget and within what you can afford. Additionally, consider other payments that you need to make before moving in such as deposits for the house, water or electricity. Ensure that everything is within your budget to avoid living your wallet empty after renting the house.


An ideal apartment is one that is reasonably located. This means that the apartment is near essential facilities such as hospitals, towns, and the schools where your children study. Additionally, the house should be at a place where it will be convenient for you to travel to your workplace every day. The location of the apartment also includes other factors such as the surrounding, that is, is the area safe for you and your family to lead a comfortable life there?

With the innumerable houses for rent in Nairobi, finding an ideal house to live in is easier said than done. However, when you have the right considerations, settling on the best house for you becomes a walk in the park. Above are three considerations to help you find a rental house worth investing in.

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